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Astrology has been around for ages and many people seek this type of help and guidance in their time of need. This practice is very spiritual and there have been many misconceptions about this and what it all really means. This ancient art is very mysterious and a very exciting career path.

The art of astrology does not seal your fate and it is not the planet’s and stars fault for the events taking place in your life at that moment in time. There are basically three parts to astrology, the first being the spiritual side, when you create a chart for your client it maps out many aspects about the person such as the creative, the emotional and the material side. This chart can also tell us much about the client’s future with regards to money, health, relationships and how to deal with certain situations. The second part of astrology is the psychological or emotional part. This art will be able to help a person understand his or her desires and how they will manifest in their lives. The last part is putting all your predictions to use and understanding exactly what it is you must do with your new knowledge. As you are now aware of your issues you must now transform them to work in your favor, as an astrologer you will be able to help your client do that! At the Astrology Career Institute you can be trained in the art of astrology and follow it as a career. This career has proven to be very fulfilling as assisting people with their problems and needs can be very worthwhile.

ecoming certified in astrology has never been easier when you do it through the Astrology Career Institute. This institute is developing new programs and seminars for all their students on a regular basis so that they may learn this ancient art and help others to deal with day to day situations a little easier. When you register online you will receive five hours of audio cds which contain guidance from Sam Reynolds who runs this elite institute. With this you will also get a marketing manual so that you know exactly how to attract the right clientele. No special psychic talent is needed and you don’t need any experience as you will gain all you need in this quick and in depth course. Getting clients isn’t difficult as they are all seeking clarity and direction in their lives. This system is so easy to use and the manual takes you through the astrology program step by step. On completion of the program you will receive your certificate signed by Sam Reynolds stating that you are now a certified astrologer. You might think that this program will cost you plenty of money but the fee is truly small compared to what you are gaining from this course. Many people who have joined this program have been skeptics but afterwards have discovered that this spiritual art assists and guides you in many helpful ways. If you would like to sign up today then visit


Your course is great for beginners and the material is also great to reinforce knowledge for more advanced students. _ _ _

I, personally, gained much insight from the marketing techniques, which gave me much needed confidence in the work that I do as an astrologer and helps to keep me on track....Your marketing material gave me the confidence that I needed to go out there in the public with much pride for what I do. Thank you.

Georgium Sidus
Astrology Works

My three month coaching program with Samuel Reynolds was a great experience! _ _ _

It stimulated, challenged and inspired me to go to a whole new level in my knowledge and practice of this ancient science. Sam's astrological expertise combines with the rare gifts of brilliant insight and intuition. It's a privilege to be mentored by him.

Joan J.

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